About Us

Gastameco Srl is a company focused on developing a net of new generation hostels, combining high quality services with accessible prices.

Our offer tries to express a new way of traveling, more and more pointed towards a search for experience and connection with local life.

Compared to regular accommodation facilities, our spaces are meant to be open and possible to experience by the city and its citizens; besides the hosts, everybody can enjoy our cloisters, gardens and general services.

We get inspiration by the best international models, trying to respond to a fast-growing market demand whose main characteristics are:

  • Attractive locations in key places
  • Accessible prices
  • Excellent quality restaurant offer as an expression of local territory
  • High standard services
  • Welcomed spaces for the city and its citizens

To date, Gastameco runs two facilities, in Venice and in Bologna. We are considering the opening of new spaces in the principal Italian cities.

Gastameco is part of Finde Group, a financial holding with headquarters in Turin.